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Tuesday 20 June 2017

A Moronic Oxymoron

  I constantly read of corporations and individuals being sued for producing unsafe products and services. Wouldn't you think that a car capable of traveling at 130 mph is an "unsafe" product? But I guess not since I have never heard of a suit disputing production of cars with this kind of speed capability. 
  Instead we are continually deluged with commercials touting dozens of safety features (air bags, crumple zones, lane drift warning, etc.) all these with an additional safety feature of a 450 horsepower engine! And by the way it's always good to have 450 horses under you when you're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the Parkway day after day!! 
  Even the advertisements for these vehicle are themselves unsafe! They portray stunt drivers making nearly impossible turns, skids and jumps as if to say - "Buy this car and you can terrorize the roadways with a myriad of insane driving calisthenics". To counter all this promotion and advertising we then expect high school Driver Education courses to produce a sane and carefully driving public? "If only you believed in miracles!" LOL 

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