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Sunday 3 December 2017

The Jobs Are Coming! The Jobs Are Coming!

Our "President" continually claims that he will "bring jobs back to America". However based on the article below will he be bringing jobs for American workers or American robots? My guess is the latter.
Additionally, the recent tax "reform" (get out your jar of Vaseline) will create an abundance of new jobs! Didn't I just hear Mr. Trump crowing about the historically low unemployment figures? 
The new "reform" will dramatically reduce corporate tax and they will all scurry to hire millions more workers (or maybe robots)? 

No! Not robots! All new "retrained" workers will be hired! Really - retrained to do what? 
Maybe to program the robots? But with A.I. rapidly looming on the horizon they will (and in some already are)  program themselves.
But someone is needed to make the robots! They make themselves! Just look at auto manufacturing - a car is essentially a robot made by another group of robots!
But someone has to repair the robots! They repair themselves. Just type "sfc /scannow " into the prompt command of your computer and watch it repair itself!
Go to Home Depot or the ShopRite. Five workers have been replaced by Self Checkout robots with but one overseeing employee. 

Now, I don't know what the answer is and it appears that neither does anyone else (if they do I haven't heard of it?).  However I think I do know what the answer isn't - shoveling more and more money to large corporations, their C.E.O.s and the wealthiest people in the country while raising taxes on the middle class under the guise of "reform".

Most of SALT go to public education and now that will no longer be a deduction - a back door assault on the public school system - and meanwhile deductions for those sending their children to private schools are enhanced! 
And by the way - the final slap in the face is the elimination of the minuscule $250 deduction for teachers spending their own money in order to help their students. 

PS - Happy Holidays (including Christmas, New Years, Hanuckkah and any others I missed) 

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