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Friday, October 20, 2017

The "Rod" Gives Jersey the Rod!

"Lance, along with Reps. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd Dist., and Chris Smith, R-4th Dist., broke with their party and voted against the House budget resolution. Only two New Jersey Republicans, Reps. Tom MacArthur, R-3rd Dist., and Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-11th Dist., supported it." - I will remember this in 2018 especially in November. How about you??

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Maybe NJEA Should Rethink Their Lesson Plan?

Aron: Grenier is said to be an arch-conservative, pro-Trump, pro-Christie and doesn’t believe in climate change, that’s who the NJEA is with?

NJEA is pissed off at Sweeney for aligning with Christie so now they support a guy that aligns with Christie? It appears it is all about vindictiveness and stupidity!

Richardson: Fran Grenier is running for state Senate in legislative district three and on the issues that we had put in front of him through our screening process, a very extensive screening process, Fran Grenier aligns with our issues. He supports our positions on school funding, on charter schools, on steps to prevent the privatization of support staff in schools who have active contracts, pension funding.

How can Grenier align with our issues and align with Christie too? Is NJEA really that naive as to believe him?
I kind of remember someone who aligned with NJEA interests until he got elected anyway!! 

If Grenier wins all the Dems in Trenton (and possibly including a new Governor) will be plenty pissed at NJEA.
If Sweeney wins (which seems to be most likely);he's already pissed and is likely to convince the rest of the party to feel the same. So how can NJEA possibly win by supporting Grenier.
They want to teach Sweeney a lesson and unfortunately it may be they that learn an unpleasant lesson!! (and so will the membership).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Moronic Oxymoron

  I constantly read of corporations and individuals being sued for producing unsafe products and services. Wouldn't you think that a car capable of traveling at 130 mph is an "unsafe" product? But I guess not since I have never heard of a suit disputing production of cars with this kind of speed capability. 
  Instead we are continually deluged with commercials touting dozens of safety features (air bags, crumple zones, lane drift warning, etc.) all these with an additional safety feature of a 450 horsepower engine! And by the way it's always good to have 450 horses under you when you're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the Parkway day after day!! 
  Even the advertisements for these vehicle are themselves unsafe! They portray stunt drivers making nearly impossible turns, skids and jumps as if to say - "Buy this car and you can terrorize the roadways with a myriad of insane driving calisthenics". To counter all this promotion and advertising we then expect high school Driver Education courses to produce a sane and carefully driving public? "If only you believed in miracles!" LOL 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Draining the Swamp Huh???

While you were entranced watching the Comey hearing this was what
was going on behind the curtain!! PS- Don't you just love those spectacular titles they
assign to their baleful schemes - "The Financial Choice Act"? Sweet!!

Trump's Tax Plan - Bend Over New Jersey!

 I especially like Mnuchin's statement - 
In other words the States should just keep sending tax money  
to the Feds and receive little or nothing in return? 

"High income households" - 
Over $50K is high income? 
How about over $150K is 
"high income"in New Jersey?

It seems here being a "high income earner" doesn't matter. 
As a matter of fact it helps!! 
Talk about Newspeak!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

HealthCare vs. WealthCare

While most people sit and complain about who is going to pay for healthcare, the question that really should be asked is - "Why should it be so expensive?" 
Insurance companies don't care how high the bill is; it will be just another excuse to raise premiums and pay CEOs even more. Whether the country ends up with Obamacare or Trumpcare the problem is actually the cost and neither plan seems to address this issue. 

The Trump Boat

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Indentured Servitude - It's Back

If you have a child or grandchild who is planning to attend college you must listen to this. If you are interested in the economic prospects of future generations (as am I) this is for you too.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Disregarding the Future of Employment

This article reflects the quality of our current leadership. Just as with climate change they refuse to acknowledge the obvious.  Evidence cited by the scientific community and even that which can be ready confirmed by simple observation is dismissed. Mr. Mnuchin, our Treasury Secretary claims that the effect of technology on employment is “50 to 100 years” away. It is not something to be reckoned with presently or in the immediate future.
Based on his statement, I must suppose that Mr. Mnuchin has never been to Home Depot or even the local supermarket. If he has how could he fail to see self-checkout “cashiers” acting under the auspice of one person rather than the six persons they have replaced? How can he not see an ATM as a machine replacing a bank teller? How can he not see the advent of self-driving vehicles replacing taxi drivers and trucker drivers? The list goes on and gets longer with every passing day.
Finally, if he really believes that automation of most all current jobs is “50 to 100 years” off, he has never heard of Moore’s Law and A.I.
It is truly unfortunate for us that we are governed by people with such little foresight and so much ignorance.
We must find leaders who will face the future and deal with it instead of just continually denying its ominous certainty. 

The original Moore's Law derives from a speech given by Gordon Moore, later a founder of Intel, in 1965, in which he observed that the number of microcomponents that could be placed in an integrated circuit (microchip) of the lowest manufacturing cost was doubling every year and that this trend would likely continue into the future. As this observation and prediction began to be frequently cited, it became known as Moore's Law. In later years, the Law was occasionally reformulated to mean that rate. The pace of change having slowed down a bit over the past few years, the definition has changed (with Gordon Moore's approval) to reflect that the doubling occurs only every 18 months.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Preparing for the Non Existent

Gigantic debt incurred by students preparing for jobs that probably won't exist.

Even "The Donald's" great promise to bring jobs back to America
can't stop this unless he's talking about bring jobs back to American

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Future of the Future

I hate to repeat myself (not really) but in light of the attached article I think it is appropriate. As you will see, all the fears of robots driving the population into the unemployment lines is clearly outlined. It certainly adds to my conjure about the future of the American work force. 
Most current discussions of retraining the unemployed and preparing the youth for new careers seems to center on developing STEM skills. Based on the attached article even these skills will likely be supplanted by robots equipped with A.I.
We have already seen cashiers replaced by self checkout robots, bank tellers replaced by ATMs, materials handlers at Amazon replaced by automatic merchandise selectors, draftsmen replaced by CAD programs, computers and the Internet substituted for teachers and the list goes on.  Based on Moore's Law the time in which complete robotization will be achieved becomes shorter and shorter (note- Moore's Law tells us that computing power doubles every 18 months and so far it seems to be correct). It appears that no one and no career or profession is or will be immune.
And what should young people be learning to ensure a place in the future workforce? How should the unemployed be retrained so that they don't wind up re-unemployed?
One might suggest that only the trades will be safe havens - but I'm not so sure. The use of nail guns and engineered lumber has allowed a smaller crew to do the same amount of work in a shorter time than  just a decade or two ago. 
Plumber's now use PVC pipe and snap on fittings again reducing the time to complete a job.
Electrical work can now easily be done by the homeowner in many cases by using remote, wireless switches and relays. The result is fewer job for electrical tradesmen. The list goes on and gets longer by the day.
The recent murders in Paris and California helped to bring all of this to mind once again. I have read just recently that one of the greatest recruiting tools used by ISIS is the offer of a job (as shitty as it is I guess they think it is better than no job) to the myriad of Middle Eastern unemployed youth. From what I've read theyoffer good pay (from oil money) and benefits besides!
Based on this observation, what can we look forward to in America when most jobs have been eliminated? 
Maybe it's time for our politicians to start addressing this issue rather than just attacking each other at their sideshow events??
 Here my previous article on robots and employment in you are interested. Below is the article I made mention of in my opening line. 
A collision between robotization and student loan debt is inevitability on course. Tens of thousands of students are now being prepared for jobs that will soon be replaced by robots and A.I.(owned by corporations and the wealthy). An even sadder part is that they are incurring trillions of dollars of debt to become eligible for the non-existent jobs of the future. (See my post  - 
Not only will they have the prospect of few available jobs but also the burden of huge debt which they will have no means to repay. 
How will the housing market endure? Who will buy the new "driver-less" cars? Will the middle classes' disappearing act finally be completed?
Might these be bigger problems than even terrorism for the capitalist system in the not too distant future?
Even less encouraging is that I have heard few it any politicians addressing the likelihood of these probable circumstances and how they should be addressed?