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"Where is Albert Shanker now that we need him?" - Walt Sautter

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Common Core and More

Mr. Young is wrong - but only about one thing! 
"Education IS quantifiable"! 
The quantity of public money shoveled to corporations to provide volumes of testing, new "innovative" curricula and highly paid administrative positions is quantifiable and IS in the $$$ BILLIONS !  
The end game is to create a privatized public educational system so as to extract even more taxpayer dollars from it for political buds and sycophants. 
A major problem with education today lies at the feet of the teachers themselves. They continually fail to actively  respond to the bullying and derision by politicians and opportunistic "education reformers". Instead, they cower and meekly  absorb the abuse without a whimper.
An unending parade of "innovative" educational schemes, with high sounding acronyms, is conjured up by those with no true teaching experience and foisted on them daily. Yet, they continue to voice no meaningful protest or outcry.
Until "the worm turns" it will be business as usual for those who seek to drive public education with all its potential profits into the private hands of political cronies.

 "There's gold in them there schools!"

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Here They Are! The Titans of Education "Reform" !

These are the people that are telling teachers what to teach, when to teach and how to teach? How many other professions would stand idly by and allow this to happen without protest?
Would we ever expect to have a Surgeon General without medical experience?
Would we ever expect to have an Attorney General without legal experience?"
Only in the world of education could this be possible!
BTW here is an excerpt from Mr. Cerf's (NJ Commissioner of Education) bio - "Mr. Cerf served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. He graduated from the Broad Urban Superintendents Academy in 2004. Prior to attending law school, he spent four years as a high school history teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio."

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Democruds

My Comment -
Evidently, the people of New Jersey enjoyed having an egoistically, bloated, loud mouthed, liar as Governor.
He is a wonderful example for our children and our State!

As for the “Democrats” that ignored Buono or even cast their support to “The Governor” as he likes to call himself; they should hang their heads in shame. That includes Joe D. the pension grabber and the Black Jesus in Washington! 

PS – Bob – A great article once again!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Equal Under the Law?

    I have to say, right up front, that Mr. Gonzalez was injudicious in what he said (or is accused of saying anyway).
   However, after reading this article a question comes to mind? 
During my teaching career, I witnessed instances where "students" consistently harassed and "bullied" the teacher! In light of all the Bullying Laws currently in place, would it be legitimate for a teacher to file "bullying" and/or harassment charges against "students" or are these laws reserved for only "students" being "bullied"?
   Just wondering ? What do you think ?
PS - I have put "students" in quotes because those who are constantly disruptive and disrespectful can hardly be called "students"!
PSS - Teachers who experience such "bullying" and report it to their superiors are sometimes disregarded in that the "students" are not disciplined and merely sent back to class to continue their antics. There are even cases where teachers have been threatened with job loss because they "can't control the class"!