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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Show Me the Money (or at Least Where it Going)!

Here is an email that I received last week from “Student First” and Michele Rhee (the latest educational expert celeb following in the footsteps of William Benett, Lemar Alexander, etc. all of whom did little to improve education but certainly did engage in self aggrandizement ). I have outlined in red and unlined some of the phrases which bother me and placed my remarks after each of those statements in blue type.

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  1. Regarding your latest blog "Show Me the Money" I didn't realize I was a Special Interest Group, because I wanted to retain tenure, ask for a decent wage and pension benefits. I wonder what Michele Rhee's salary and health benefits and pension were from her real job, whatever that was? I hope she is not taking any compensation for position as CEO of Students First. If she is, it should be called Michelle First and Students Second.


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