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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Peering Into The Future For NJ Retirees


  1. You are right on target. Shame on all of us for believing outright lies and voting for those who lied to our faces. SG

  2. I remember when I first started seriously thinking of retirement. One of my colleagues told me that I
    would only need to worry if the state went bankrupt. At that point, there would be no more pension
    checks unless the Feds. bail us out. We're close. Either our property taxes go up, or We take a cut
    in our pensions. We have a much better deal than retired people from private businesses and they
    won't stand for an increase in their taxes to pay for OUR pensions. Walt, I think you and our other
    negotiators outsmarted the government. Now they are stuck. But if the money isn't there, what
    happens next ?????

  3. Keep 'em coming, Walt.

  4. Dear Anonymous/HN:
    Excuse me but the teachers have paid into the pension fund to the tune of billions of dollars over about the past 15 plus years alone. So it's OK to renege on a contract? Try to default on your mortgage and see what happens but it's OK to renege on the teachers' contract because hey, it's just teachers and who cares about them!?! NJ is not bankrupt, the money is there...TAX THE RICH.


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