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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How About a Stayacation

Maybe our Governor should stay home and attend to business in NJ instead of traveling all over the country to campaign for Richie Rich.
He doesn't really have to travel far and wide to find victims to bully. He's already shown that he can get his jollies right here at home by going down the shore and bullying up some New Jersey citizens. (As long as the state cops are by his side to protect him).

Please read: "Throw a Few Million American Teachers on the Barbie" at
My comments on the article - 

Today’s American educators are timid and weak. They are a long cry from the days of Albert Shanker in NY.
Maybe it’s a symptom of society in general, We have tolerated over ten years of futile, bankrupting wars with almost no protest. We have tolerated years of the rich siphoning off the cream from our economy and again with meager protest.
Like my mother used to say – “If you don’t respect and stand up for yourself, no one else will” and as I like to say “The more you take, the more you’ll get!”

 and closer to home, please read the article -
"Public Schools Ramp Up Ads So Kids Will Stay" page10 - Star Ledger 8-21

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