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Sunday, 9 September 2012

I saw this on FB ! Aint He Just Grand!

I saw this on FB saw this on FB and I copied the picture and some of the comments:

"There is alot of talk about him running for Governor of New Jersey?"
"Love my Cory."
"Love his quote...don't preach to me about your me by example."
"Love this guy."
"Did you listen to his speech last night at the convention. AWESOME!!"

Here's my comment:

"Is this the same Cory Booker who charged $10,000 for a commencement speech at The College of New Jersey?
Is this the same Cory Booker who sides with Cami Anderson about eliminating tenure?
Is this the same Cory Booker who supports the elimination seniority rights?
Is this the same Cory Booker who is buds with Joe D. (who kisses Christie's fat ass) and then collects his pension while he is still working the same job?"

It seems to me that either people are awfully gullible or poorly informed. Maybe both?  

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