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Friday, 18 January 2013

Evaluation By the Evaluated?

When I taught at Middlesex County College, student evaluation forms were always issued along with the final exam.
   I thought, by enlarge, the results were a fair distribution of positive and negative remarks.
(BTW - These all were anonymous evaluations and not used by the administration to grade instructors - as far as know anyway)
   One thing I liked about the form was the section asking about the student's efforts. This too, generally resulted in a fair distribution of honest responses. Often a student indicated a serious lack of effort on his part but still didn't criticize the instructor as the reason for his poor grade. I hope that the same kinds of questions  will appear every proposed student / teacher evaluation form (but I'm not confident that they will).
  And , remember, the evaluations of which I'm speaking were written by mature adults, not children!

   Now, let me get back to the editorial.
   One of the statements reads as follows:
"Kids do know what makes a good teacher. And it's not a mystery why they'd know better than trained adults...".
   Well if this is true, than -
   Why do we need well paid administrators to observe and evaluate teachers?
   Why do we need the "Educrats" at the NJDOE to tell teachers when, what and how to teach children.
   Why to we need politicians to continually pass legislation instructing teachers when, what and how to teach children?
   Let's just leave teachers to their task and then accept the children's evaluations as the  indicator of the teacher's success. We would no longer have to spend all the time and money needed by these other evaluation methods and would get a better result than that provided by "trained adults".
   And, since we are talking about evaluations of teachers by their charges, why not have teachers evaluate their administrators and supervisors?
   While we're at it, why not have local administrators evaluate the honchos at NJDOE ?
This way we could a true picture of what's going on in NJ education and in the case of the DOE, I'm not so sure that it would be a pretty picture!
   What do you think?

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