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Sunday, 23 June 2013

For What It's Worth??

I have many questions:

Should RU continue its quest to become an athletic powerhouse?

And can this even be achieved ?

What is the true motivation behind  this attempt to bring "big time" sports to RU?

If accomplished will it really help the universities' prestige?
And if so, how ?

Is providing unpaid farm teams for the NFL and NBA a worthwhile goal for our State university?

Should the highest paid public employee in the State be the RU football or basketball coach?

What was the problem with RU remaining in the Patriot League in the first place?

Did RU  think it had to pump up its athletic image to attract more applications? 

How does high caliber athletics help to attract high caliber students?

How is a universities' "pride"  based on  its athletic program?

(BTW - what do they mean by a universities' "pride" anyway?)

As the song goes "Gimme some truth, all I want is the truth!"

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