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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Vouchers and Vetos

How much of the $2.1 Billion in tax breaks goes to the workers of these companies and how much goes to the executives and upper echelon ?
How many jobs are created via these tax breaks and what is the cost per job ?
Who is actually doling out the $2.1 billion? (I think I can answer this one - you and me!)

Vouchers will permit most parents to chose- okay! - from "cheap schools" if they exist and I'm not too sure they will for long.

Once the deluge of students from public schools flood the market, the "half the cost of public school" institutions will no longer exist! Has Muslhine ever heard of supply and demand?
If anyone thinks that the cost of education will remain low at these schools, all they need do is look at what has happened to college costs and especially private colleges costs !
It will soon become the parent's job to start saving for a child's elementary and high school education let alone college.
Well, of course, I'm sure that elementary loans and high school loans will spring up immediately to fill the gap and further indenture the middle and lower classes.
If these people have their way with privatizing public education, a real bright future for American education is looming large on the horizon ??

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