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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A New Staff Member Joins Rutgers Faculty - Robo Prof !

As usual, there are a lot of questions to be answered about any new privatization plan.
(1) Who hires those who will create the Internet lectures? Pearson or Rutgers?
(2) Will new lectures be recorded each year or will the same ones be used over and over?
(3) How will those lecturers be paid? A flat fee or on a residual basis each time the lecture is viewed?
(4) Will the cost of tuition be substantially reduced using this "online" teaching method?
(5) Will the executive payout at Pearson or any other private company that produces "online education" for Rutgers be held at reasonable levels?
(6) Will university admissions be unlimited since classroom seating space will no longer be a factor?
(7) Will "online" students be required to pay fees relating to on campus activities?
(8) How long will it be before "online education" filters down into secondary and elementary schools?
(9) What are the tenure implications when a large number of professors will be supplanted by "online education"?
(10) Will tenure play a part in the selection of those who will teach the "online" courses?
(11) Will the lectures be live or recorded?
(12) If recorded, who will have the rights to the recordings, Pearson, Rutgers or the professor?

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