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Friday, 1 November 2013

Equal Under the Law?

    I have to say, right up front, that Mr. Gonzalez was injudicious in what he said (or is accused of saying anyway).
   However, after reading this article a question comes to mind? 
During my teaching career, I witnessed instances where "students" consistently harassed and "bullied" the teacher! In light of all the Bullying Laws currently in place, would it be legitimate for a teacher to file "bullying" and/or harassment charges against "students" or are these laws reserved for only "students" being "bullied"?
   Just wondering ? What do you think ?
PS - I have put "students" in quotes because those who are constantly disruptive and disrespectful can hardly be called "students"!
PSS - Teachers who experience such "bullying" and report it to their superiors are sometimes disregarded in that the "students" are not disciplined and merely sent back to class to continue their antics. There are even cases where teachers have been threatened with job loss because they "can't control the class"!

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