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Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Great "Reformer" Helps to Rob the Pension Again!

What happened to all Christie's talk about pension "abuse" and public employees getting rich in retirement on their "undeserved"pension payments?
What does this  say about the "Pension Reform" proposed by Christie and passed by Assembly Democrats? What does it say about his veracity in trying to "re-reform" the pension again this year?
Did he already have a plan in mind to "re-reform" it while he was agreeing to the original "reform"?
Was he planning to renege on future pension payments when he signed the original "reform" law?
Maybe he should hire Mr. Mastro (his personal lawyer) to investigate these possibilities (for another $1,000,000 fee paid by the taxpayers). I'm sure the investigation would find him guiltless once again?
The Dems aren't completely blameless in pension theft either. Far from it!
Take a look at Joe D's pension deal!

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