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Sunday, 18 May 2014

If Someone is Never Responsible Is He Then Irresponsible?

* I happened to be watching TV tonight and mention was made of “The Governor’s” seeming involvement in the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s escapade. He claimed no responsibility.
Then I began to think:
* The doling out of $25 million of pension fund monies to a hedge fund linked to the Republication Governor’s Association came to mind. Again “The Governor” had no responsibilitiy
* Then the loss of $400 million of federal education funds came to mind. The loss was blamed on Schindler. “The Governor” had no responsibility.
* The GWB shut down. “The Governor” had no knowledge or responsibility.
* The improper and slow distribution of Sandy funds. It was FEMA’s fault. “The Governor” had no responsibility.
* “The Governor’s” brother’s company made a huge profit on land purchases associated with the Harrison Train Station renovation.  “The Governor” had no responsibility.

All this leads me to the obvious conclusion that “The Governor” is just plain irresponsible!

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