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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Monkeys and Dartboards

 What the graphs below show is that a monkey with a dartboard could have done better than our fund managers over the past few years.
BTW - the monkey would not work for peanuts but I'm sure bananas would do and certainly not $400M worth! 

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  1. Send to me via email -
    You may want to click on and read the entire lead article. I do feel the commission seems to have not focused on the poor investments which have plagued the investment council for, I’m guessing, about 15 yrs ever since it became more ‘aggressive’ and speculative with venture capitol and hedge funds and ... That of course was part of the problem but not the cure. I also point to the end of the article which got into Cadillac health plans. I’m sure the Gov, will stress this. I fear many of his past actions or inactions were designed to weaken the fund thus causing a crisis and necessitating a major change in pensions and benefits.
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