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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

When It Comes to Sneaky - These Guys Never Disappoint

Mr. Christie (I really can't call him Governor Christie because he is never here acting as New Jersey's governor) should be privatized as soon as possible. I can't understand why an absentee public employee, involved with multiple, underhanded sleazy dealings by both him and his cronies has not been subjected to recall? 
I suppose the only answer is, having been a Federal Prosecutor, he has a pile of dirt on numerous politicians and others, tucked away in a file cabinet somewhere (J. Edgar style).
The only other possibility is the citizens and politicians of New Jersey are too stupid or lazy to "throw the bum out".

Want a list of "The Governor's" shenanigans. Here's a bunch I can think of right off the bat.

Bridgegate (of course)
Harrison Train Station (his brother's company benefited handsomely)
Hunterdon  County Sheriff's Office Investigation (he squashed it)
Exxon Mobile "Settlement?"
RU President on Boards of Trustees of companies doing business with RU (okay by Christie)
Pension "Reform" renege
PA Appointments (Samson et al)
Loss of $400M Fed Ed Funds (and put it all on Schindler) 
Canceled ARC Tunnel (cost jobs & money during the height of the recession)
Trips and Entertainment from "Friends" - Jones, Adelson, etc.
Held Special Elections ($24M) for his personal political advantage
Screwed up the Sandy Aid program and paid $30M to company that did it
Used Sandy Funds for political advertising

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