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Monday, 28 April 2014

"Free Speech" - I Don't Think So!

"Her grandfather was a sharecropper" - my grandfather was in the Prussian Army -  "So what ??"

Ms. Rice is to be paid $35,000 plus expenses for this commencement address!
Does that sound like "free speech"?
And who is paying - RU students with tuition and fee costs that have risen almost 100% during the past decade (much paid with student loans).
Couldn't they find someone to give the address for free and award an honorary degree to that person as compensation?
How about Cory Booker?

Oh - wait a minute - I almost forgot!
He gave a commencement address at The College of New Jersey a year or two ago and charged $10,000 !
Well but at least he's cheaper -
Oh -wait a minute again - now that he's Senator Booker maybe he wouldn't be that cheap after all?
Maybe we could go with "The Governor"?
He's always talking about containing costs and saving taxpayer's money (unless it's being handed out to lawyers)!
I bet he would do it (if there was a free meal involved)!

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