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Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Jersey Education Ain't That Good!

The New Jersey education system certainly has failed if 44% of the population still believes Christie is doing a good job!

During his administration:
*New Jersey’s credit rating has been reduced six times
*A $400M federal education grant was lost
*“The Governor” signs and promotes a law regarding pensions and then reneges on it a year later (then  he proclaims at a Town Hall Meeting – “A deal is a deal” – what BS!)
*An unnecessary election costing $24M was held for his political benefit
*The New Jersey unemployment rate has lagged the national average
*Millions of dollars of tax relief was given to corporations while no notable increase in jobs has occurred
*Sandy relief funds were mishandled by a 'good old boy' corporation selected by him
*The GWB debacle continues
*The shady handling of the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s situation has yet to be resolved
*“No new taxes” except for those who had their Homestead Rebate “postponed”!
*“The Governor” wormed his way into a Sandy ad spot (including his family) by paying the ad company an inflated price
*“The Governor’s” brother gets a cushy deal resulting from the renovation of the PATH station in Harrison.
*“The Governor” parcels out $3M (taxpayer money) for his lawyers to write him an excuse for the GWB  issue.
*And now he’s going on 14 “field trips” out of state attempting to become a presidential candidate! 
God help us but I guess in a country that elected George Bush twice – anything is possible!
If “The Governor” was a teacher I think he would certainly be rated “ineffective” and that’s being kind!

PS I am sure that you can think of more screw-ups. Please feel free to contribute.

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