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Monday, 28 November 2011

Comments on "Tenure - An Educational Football"

I commend the Wayne BOE for going against the Superintendents suggestion of allowing the nine players to continue playing. Shame on the Superintendent for bowing to the wishes of Coach Olsen and many of the football frenzied parents. If the Wayne residents don't like the BOE's decision, they can be recalled or voted out of office. The rest of NJ will be watching the next board of education elections.
Jack Parish

He's 60 & he's pissed!!!! Watch out! ;-D


After more thinking about this whole thing a bit more, I'd like to add a comment on my own piece.
I have a question:
"Where were the parents of these players?"
Didn't any of them have the courage to stand up and say "My son was involved in an act that could have easily caused death or permanent injury and I will punish him myself by not letting him to continue to play on the Wayne Hills Football team no matter what the BOE ruling might be".
This seems to be just another case of "I'll let the schools do the parent's job and if I don't like the way they do it, I'll berate and attack the school system".

Walt S.


  1. Walt,
    You are a wise old sage. Thanks for your comments, keep up the good work.
    Jack Parish

  2. I like the "wise sage" part but not so much the "old".


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