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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bios and Salaries of DOE Executives?

  Some years ago I obtained a list of the bios and salaries of NJ DOE executives. I found the  bios to be of more interest than the salaries.
  What I discovered was that out of the seven bios I received, only one indicated more than four years of teaching experience. In most cases, the teaching experience of these people was gained in a private school setting and in their distant past.
  As Ross Perot once put it, when he was at Ford, and I paraphrase - "if managers are to do a good job they must once in a while go down to the factory floor and put a wheel on a car".
  I don't believe that four years of long ago, private school teaching equates to "putting a wheel on a car".
  Curious as to the present day situation at the DOE, I have searched the NJDOE website for current bios and salaries. I found none. I have therefore sent the following request.

"Would you please send to me a site where I may find brief bios (job histories) and salaries of the DOE executives (i.e. Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, etc). Thank you."

  I am eager to see the reply and I will post the results as soon as possible.

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