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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm Not At All Suprised - How About You?

I read this letter on the Internet and thought my readers might be interested too.

For the last couple of years THE BEAST (a.k.a our anger-management disordered Governor) has been going after the NJEA and public school teachers in general. Now one of the new things he has implemented was a brand new evaluation procedure that would evaluate tenured and non-tenured teachers twice to four times a year. The school districts were told that they had to chose one of 4 evaluation models and it had to be up and running by this year. Well in order to do that the districts have to order the specific software that goes with the particular evaluation procedure that they have chosen. Knowing that they have this deadline to beat, they have started looking at particular vendors and have made decisions on which vendors to choose. Now in the middle of trying to find these vendors and purchase this software, the Dept of Education, led by Christie's boy, Cerf, sent a letter to the districts stating that now the STATE dept wants them to buy this software from ONLY THE VENDORS THAT THE STATE RECOMMENDS. In fact there is no way around this. These districts have to pay the STATE recommended vendors or they will be out of compliance.

Now all of this makes me wonder. This is obviously coming from the BEAST so of course that thought evokes a few questions like:
1 Who are the vendors that are recommended?
2. What did the recommended vendors do to become recommended?
3. Are there any kickbacks coming from this decision?
4. If so, who's getting them?

Of course the STATE DEPARTMENT led by the BEAST would probably NEVER answer any of those questions, but I will be thinking them anyway as I count off the last two years that HE will be in office.

- Teri

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