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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What Do You Think??

I have received comments about my proposal to ask for your ideas regarding educational questions in my future posts.
I am including them below and also posing a question as I suggested I would.
Here is a prelude to the question.

In Jersee (as we like to call it), we have had over the past decades,  the following educational schemes, instituted and imposed by the State:

The Renaissance Act
The Urban Hope Act
No Child Left Behind  (NCLB)
The Race to the Top
The Quality Education Act  (QEA)
Thorough and Efficient   (T&E)
High School Proficiency   (HSPT),    (HSPT9), (HSTP11)
Grade Eight Proficiency  Assessment   (GEPA)
Quality Single Accountability  Continuum   (QSAC)
Comprehensive Education Improvement and Financing Act   (CEIFA)

The School Funding Reform Act

The New Jersey Assessment of    Skills and Knowledge  (NJ ASK)
NJ ASK 3, NJ ASK 4, NJ ASK 3-8
Minimum Basic Skills testing program  (MBS)
Early Warning Test (EWT)
Alternate Proficiency Assessment (APA)
Elementary School Proficiency Assessment (ESPA)
The Open Classroom
Core Curriculum Content Standards
The Charter School craze!

I hope I haven't missed any. There's an allow lot to remember!  If I have, please remind me.


Which, if any of the aforementioned plans, have had any success in improving New Jersey education or education in general?

Which, if any, have proved negative for education and teaching?

And, if you could devise a plan to improve education, what would be its prime components?

Please your reply to: 


Here are some of the letters which I have received regarding my previous post:

I stumbled upon your blog through High School Herd, through Pinterest, while looking for math ideas for my high school classroom in Ohio. I am at a career and technical center serving grades 11 and 12, teaching Intermediate Algebra/Geometry and Algebra 2. I am also the numeracy coach (for one period of the day).
Your comments and feelings are echoed here in Ohio. I assume the culture of the profession and unions is similar across the country. I think the site is a great idea and would be proud to contribute to the cause. At worst, I could occasionally share some perspective from my state.
It was surprising that your blog was only a few days old. I was expecting at least a few years worth of comments. I have been teaching since 1999 and my first full year started with an eight day strike. I have been at my current district since 2007 and have certainly noticed a shift in the mindset of communities as well as union members.
Back to teaching! Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Jeff E.

Sounds great! I'm in.
Peg Nicholson
Missouri Information Coordinator

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Thank you Jeff and Peg for your replies.


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