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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Did You Know That W.C.Fields Was a Jersey Politician?

In light of these revelations, I've got an awful lot of questions and comments about the continual squandering of New Jersey monies and the antics hatched in Trenton.
*The tuition at RU has doubled over the last 10 years!! 
(Rutgers University in New Brunswick costs $13,073 in tuition in fees for state residents, now making it the eighth most expensive flagship campus. Penn State in State College, Pa., is first with an annual cost of more than $17,000.
Nationally, the average for tuition for state universities is $8,655)

*Schiano (the ex football coach) was paid over $1M a year + housing and perks!  (All this with a barely winning record of  68-67 record in 11 seasons. Let's pretend for a minute that a teacher had barely half of his students pass the NJ testing barrage over an eleven year period. What would be his reward under the new "tenure reform" laws? Don't you think he might be labeled "ineffective"? ) *RU built a giant football stadium which is rarely (if ever) filled!  (A $102 million stadium expansion project. The highest attendance home game of the season came on November 19, 2011, when 47,447 fans. Rutgers Home Attendance Declined 6.9% per Game in 2011.)
*The ex RU prez got a $335,000 a year job for teaching 15 hours a week! (The aforementioned coach's contract and stadium renovation as well as the doubling of tuition was all "accomplished" under his watch!)
*The state is spending millions on testing children over and over and over!
* RU is a State institution run by the State and  evidently not very well run but now they want  to run Camden Public Schools along with Newark, Paterson and Jersey City which also hasn't been run well by them over the past 20 years.
*The Essex County Executive gets to retire at full pension and still work at full pay.
*Why have we not heard a word out of the "Mouth That Roared" (Christie) about any of this RU situation?
**And despite all this waste, the state still has no money to properly fund the pension!

W.C. Fields was once asked what he did with all his money. His reply was "I spent most of it on wine, women and song - the rest I squandered!"
I never knew he was part of New Jersey government!!

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