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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Talk About Waste

I read the following replies on the local message board pertaining to the granting of school insurance contracts to companies who doled out campaign contributions. The word "waste" was used and when I thought about NJ "waste" it  raised my BP to all time highs. I just had to write my reply. I guess "waste" is a relative term but below are the postings from the Internet and my reply.
So in our state there may just be bigger fish to fry than prosecuting the teacher's union in the court of public opinion. Of course, no one would ever get the governor to admit that at a town hall meeting would they? Along with his fake enemy Sweeney. You can't make this stuff up. In this area I'm sure Jersey is a national stand out, while still being 47th in job growth. The new Trenton, yeah OK!!!!!!!!

Perhaps the Teachers Union should be making a big stink about these areas of waste that directly effect their members.
Talk about waste -
The RU football coach (Shiano- record 68-67 - salary $2M + plenty of bennies) suppose a teacher had barely half his kids pass NJ testing? I kind of think he would be labeled "ineffective, lose tenure and not be paid $2M a year)
The RU basketball coach - salary $650 and a "firing bonus" of over $400K.
The RU AD is given a "quitting bonus" of $1M.
The RU "athletic lawyer" (whatever that means) - $400K a "resigning bonus".
The new basketball coach - salary $1M per year for five years.
The women's basketball coach - $900K per year (at least she's winning).
The retired college Prez - $335,000 per year for teaching 15 hours per week.
The football stadium renovated for $102M with a capacity of 54,000 and the largest attendance ever was 47,000 five years ago.
The tuition at RU doubled over the past 10 years.
Where is the Governor in all this? Why isn't he very good at addressing these issues??
He was very good at capping school Superintendent's salaries.
He was very good at "reforming" (maybe deforming is a better word) public employee's pension and health benefits.
He was very good at losing hundreds of millions of Fed education aid due to incompetence in filling out paper work.
He was very good at handing out "no bid" contracts for the shore clean up (kind of like the insurance contract situation).
He was very good at handing out tens of millions to companies for the incessant testing of school children,
He was very good at capping the funding of public education.
He is very good at promoting tax breaks for the wealthy.
He is very good at eliminating property tax rebates for the average guy.
I thought public criticism, derision and castigation were his forte. I guess he's just lost his touch!!



I spoke with someone the other day about the outrageous salaries of college coaches. He told me that the reason was that successful athletic programs brought alumni dollars to the school. He said that he had been to a Penn State football game a few years back and the alumni there were throwing money at the school hand over fist.
Well, I happened to look up some info about Penn State and it seems that they are not only number one in athletics but also number one in tuition costs for in-state students. In-state tuition is over $17K. 
Doesn't it make you wonder where all that alumni money (if it is really being donated as he claims ) is going ??

 75%  - a  C grade with an A+ salary !! Where Gov. Big Mouth on this ??
Sorry. I'm kind of embarrassed about my careless math ! 257/(257+343) * 100% = 43%
He actually has a 43% win average. 

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