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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Testing Gone Wild !

I have added numerous captions to the above video.

And the point of all this testing and expense?

To help justify eliminating tenure thereby enabling the firing of the higher paid teachers.
To help set the stage for low employee pay when schools are finally privatized.
To justify the privatization of public education.
To justify the state takeover of urban schools.
To allow shoveling money to test creators and publishers.
To help in the attempts to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees.
To destroy what little power the teacher's unions did possess.
Just my humble opinion!

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  1. "Oh, and let's not forget the Merit Pay Fairy. Christie still won't tell us exactly how he's going to make her appear, but...." -Tom Moran, April 2012.

    Merit Pay Fairy = Merit Pay causes cheating so it will be eliminated from the grand plan.

    Result: Reformers have their cake and eat it too!


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