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Friday, 24 May 2013

Between The Devils and The Deep Blue Sea

Here is an article from March which I copied and saved. Although it pertains to the possible candidacy of Cory Booker (which we now know will not be the case) it makes clear points about the veracity of our present Governor.
Now, it seems certain that in the next election, we will  be presented with a choice between an unknown, sacrificial lamb from the Democrats or a widely known, bold faced liar from the Republicans. 
We are seeing a plethora of Christie advertisements exuding praise for his myriad of accomplishments and feats of grandeur.
Sadly, I see nothing from the NJEA, the CWA or AFT pointing to the deceit and hollow promises offered in his last campaign. Are comments from these groups yet to come or will they remain meekly cowering on the sidelines awaiting the blood bath to come, without uttering so much as a single word of rebuke?

If they remain mute another lie will be revealed. This time it will be the lie that these organizations are willing to stand up and fight for the membership and not just sit back and collect the huge salaries at the top!

My wife insists that I change the name of my blog. She calls it "unbecoming". I disagree of course but she has finally worn me out.
Therefore, I would like to get your suggestions for a more acceptable name change. I would like to change it to a title having the same acronym TDS. 
Will you sent me your suggestion? 

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