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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Home Grown NSA ?

This flyer was left at the door of a  retired teacher friend here in Nutley.
Now, of course, I assumed that it may be misleading and one sided so I looked up info about last night's meeting at Belleville BOE and substantiated some of it
The underlined statements were verified at :

"The system includes surveillance cameras and audio in every classroom and hallway.  Even the teacher’s lounges has video streaming directly to Belleville police."

The asterisk marked part was not mentioned in the aforementioned article.
If all this is true, it appears, that as usual, even  good things can be easily contorted by less than ethical people  into Orwellian  scenarios. All that is needed is "we are protecting you (your children)" to justify any and all liberty infringing acts.
Why are cameras and audio devices needed in the teacher's lounge to provide security?
Will the teachers be alerted when the cameras are operating or will they always be on?
Will everything be taped?
Can information gleaned via video be used to discipline and punish teachers for conversations displeasing or critical of the administration?
Is the next step to be cameras in the bathrooms, locker rooms and showers ?
I sincerely hope that this is all an overblown situation.  Camerasw should be placed where they can actually deter violence, that is in the hallways and entrances of the buildings and not in locations merely to spy on everyone.
Will cameras and audio equipment be installed in the Principal's Office, the Superintendent's Office and the BOE Offices? And if so will the recordings be may public upon request ?

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