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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Man with Two Faces

NJ. Sen. Steve Sweeney: I'll shut down government if Chris Christie reneges on pension payment

Where was he on pension theft and shenanigans in the past - Before the Christie traffic wreck ?

 Senate 2002-present, Senate President 2010-present, Democratic Majority Leader/Conference Chair 2008-09

In thirty years retirees without the COLA will be eating "Meow Mix" !
How can a contract between the retirees and the State be unilaterally altered after the fact (retirement that is) and then the action be considered legal? 
(BTW - All public employees are "required" to join the pension fund, like it or not!)
I can tell you how! 
Judge Hurd (maybe I should have spell his name with a "T"), who heard the case, experienced no alteration in his  NJ public  pension commitment nor did any other NJ judge! How then is he justified in ruling on the  elimination of  the pension benefits of others in the NJ pension system? 

Additionally, pension theft began under Whittman and continued with all governors thereafter.It was originally justified by the excess monies due to a stock market boom in the nineties.. Currently, the market is at all time highs. Why is there no excess of pension monies now? 
He was Senate president when "Tenure Reform" was instituted and said not a word that I can remember while all the time it was "Tenure Elimination" that was enacted.
Not a meaningful peep from NJEA (the "powerful teacher's union") during any of this. All I ever heard was a bit of whimpering here and there!

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