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Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Big (Con) Game

So here's  the way this works. Colleges and universities with outlandish tuition rates pour tons of money into sports programs so as to supply what are essentially farm teams for the Pros. To make matters even worse,  our public "institutions of higher learning" are eager to vie for the opportunity to participate in "pro grooming". 

Additionally, not only does the public provide these  free feeder programs  for Pro Athletics they also build pro sports stadiums and arenas with public funds ("Of the 20 stadiums built or renovated since 1997, all but one have used public money"- ).

Now to add insult to injury, these pro sports "Leagues and Associations" are non profit - tax exempt! What this means is they don't have to kick in a dime to public coffers, don't have to help support states and municipalities, schools or colleges. All they have to do is pay outrageous salaries to executives and keep shoveling the bullsh*t to the public. All we get  is  a constant stream of trivia about Eli, Lebron, Tiger,  A-rod etc. We don't hear much about Joe and Jane Student who are struggling to pay tuition and fees* required by the college co conspirators in this sports scam. 

I frequently watch "American Greed" on CNBC and most of the scams and swindlers portrayed are amateurs as compared to the  professional sports organizations.  

But, in conclusion, if the public keeps on loving the hype, who am I to complain?

* And for many they will continue to struggle to pay for decades due to student loans and for added punishment, students loans cannot be discharged via bankruptcy!

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