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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

This Guy's Got Big Ones (Besides the Belly)

When it comes to a “bad deal” Chris Christie should be an authority. He’s engaged New Jersey in so many.

·      *   Lost $400M Federal Education grant due to shoddy paperwork (and then of course blamed the Education Commissioner)
·       *  Rejected the Arc  Tunnel Project (about $240M which would have helped to cure the transportation morass in NJ and would have provided thousands of jobs) and then stole the money to balance the budget.
·         * Spent $24M for a “special election” to bolster his political standing in the upcoming governor’s race
·        *  Ballyhooed a Pension Reform deal and then backed out  when the time came to make good
·        *  Spent $7M for a lawyer pal to write him an excuse in the Bridgate Scandal
·       *   Settled (is trying) to settle with Exxon Mobil for a pittance while accepting large contributions to the RNC
·        *  Used Sandy funds for advertisements including his political promos
·         * Hired an inept company to oversee Sandy funding and then fired  them with a $33M payout

Yes - when it comes to making shitty deals for New Jersey citizens  - he does know his stuff!

Now “The Governor” is holding a press conference (and actually in NJ for a change)  to “advise” Booker about the Iran Deal. He must be kidding!!

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