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Monday, 10 August 2015

Christie Sees A Soft "Punching" Bag - Women

In the recent furor over “The Donald’s” comments about women on the GOP debate platform the comments of “The Governor” have been overlooked and ignored. The “Punch in the face” comment has been barely remarked upon by the media and I am sure that is to the dismay of our attention seeking Governor.
After reading about the hubbub regarding Trump’s insulting women I began to wonder if there might be a relationship between his comments and those of Christie. Then it occurred to me. Why are Christie’s vicious attacks always aimed at teachers and teacher’s unions and rarely against other public sector unions (police, firemen, etc.)?
Why does he feel that he can be as aggressive and insulting as he pleases when it comes to teachers?  I may have discovered the answer.
Could it be that he feels free to attack a predominately female organization and expects little retaliation? Could it be that he has little respect for the profession because it is largely composed of women?
Could it be that his reserve in criticizing and debasing the police and fire unions is because in it mostly comprised of males?
Bullies generally do pick on the ones they perceive as weakest and unwilling or incapable of effectively fighting back. Could this be the case with “The Governor”?

PS- If he wants to “punch someone in the face” he is welcome to stop over at any time (without his police escort) and he better make his first punch count !!

If he sends me an email I will eagerly reply with my address and time!

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