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Friday, 14 August 2015

Is Anybody Looking Down the Tracks?

  A collision between robotization and student loan debt is inevitability on course. Tens of thousands of students are now being prepared for jobs that will soon be replaced by robots and A.I.(owned by corporations and the wealthy). An even sadder part is that they are incurring trillions of dollars of debt to become eligible for the non-existent jobs of the future. (See my post  - 
Not only will they have the prospect of few available jobs but also the burden of huge debt which they will have no means to repay. 
How will the housing market endure? Who will buy the new "driver-less" cars? Will the middle classes' disappearing act finally be  completed?
Might these be bigger problems than even terrorism for the capitalist system in the not too distant future?
Even less encouraging is that I have heard few it any politicians addressing the likelihood of these probable circumstances and how they should be addressed?

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